Letter from Jamaica

On our last night in Jamaica, we wrote letters to ourselves. I chose not to read mine until just a few days ago. Here it is.
Dear Natalie,

Do not forget the things you have learned during this trip. It seems as though you’ve been taught more than you have taught anyone you’ve come in contact with in Jamaica. But sometimes that’s how God works.

Remember how your perspective of missions has changed.

Remember how it felt when the little girl at the first preschool melted into your arms and cried into your shoulder.

Remember the excellent follow-through of the woman who said she’d make quilts for the people at Curphey home. She made quilts and she’s still making quilts.

Remember the sadness in your heart for the disabled children at the orphanage.

Remember Randy saying Sara is the strength to his boldness. You’ll be your husband’s strength some day.

Remember the passion of the Krazy for Christ guys. They’re going out and actively doing something.

Remember Kim. Her strength, her smile, her desire to be pure, her desire to serve.

Remember the sick feeling you got when Sara told you about all the sexual immorality of the Jamaican youth and adults.

Remember Anna’s unselfishness.

Remember the eyes that locked with yours as you gave your testimony.

Remember Patrick, the Rastafarian.

Remember all the kids rushing around you and their faces as you looked down at them.

Remember the tears that came to your eyes.

Remember the youth group in the unfinished concrete building. There was such an obvious passion and yearning for the Lord.

Remember the little girl who clapped and sang ‘I Am Blessed’ at that church.

Remember the laughs as we performed our skit.

Remember the daily tell the devil to “goway, goway, goon, goon.”

Remember that kids often just need someone to talk with.

Remember all the people with relatives in New York City. Especially remember this as you walk around the city each day this summer.

Remember that your talents can be put to use in Jamaica.

Remember your prayers for the Jamaican people.

Remember that though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He is with you.

Remember that you need more passion, more energy, more love and more boldness.

Remember that of your priorities, God is above all.

Take these things, and don’t forget them. You’ve felt yourself flourish. Live one life despite where you are. Be who you are now, as this week in Jamaica comes to an end. Not who you were when you left.


One thought on “Letter from Jamaica

  1. there’s a lot of wisdom in this letter… it won’t really be the same depth, but this is motivating me to making a list of things i don’t want to forget about Greece.

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