Mankind Mag: March

Another superb issue of Mankind Mag. I’ve been blessed to be part of it… Buy the issue. It’s cheap and comes as an interactive PDF. We’re saving paper here, folks.

I had two articles in this month.

First: Feature on Amir Fallah. Publisher of BEAUTIFUL/DECAY magazine and a great artist. The theme of forts running through his work captivated me.

Excerpt from Fortnotes:

Nighttime, sheets, couch cushions, clothespins, flashlight. All the makings for a good childhood fort. Add a few lamps, some rope and a professional aesthetic and you’ve got yourself a fort built for a king… specifically Amir Fallah, that is. And trust us— there’s nothing childlike about it…

Second: Interview with Vance Lessard. Photographer under the name 2 AM.

Excerpt from two a.m.:

Vance Lessard — aka the power behind 2am Photography — is the master of nighttime photo capturing. His love for those wee hours when the sun is down was piqued early on by the lat- 50s childrens’ book Sam and the Firefly. Just as Sam the owl comes out when the moon is up, so does Vance. Now all grown up, his first serious attempts at nighttime photography take place along East Broadway in Tempe, Arizona.


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