Lomo LC-A+

The blogging has taken a huge dip as other things consume my time… Film photography, for one.

I got a Lomo LC-A+ for Christmas.

A lightweight, film camera with a Russian-made glass lens. Because of the lens, it can be used in most any lighting situation without a flash. It often gives slight vignetting to photos.

The camera, as well as lomography as a whole, has a sort of cult following. Some people hate that they can’t control as much as they’re used to, others hate lomography’s “shoot from the hip” philosophy. But I love it. Film photography and delayed gratification. They go hand-in-hand. And it’s so fun to see how photos look after the fact.

The distance equivalencies are approximately 3, 5, 10 feet and infinity.

Hold the camera still (tripods are helpful) and you can shoot in any light.

Keep the film rewind button down the whole time you rewind. That’s how stuff gets broken.

For your first couple shots after you’ve loaded the camera, make sure the film spool is spinning. I spent several hours shooting buildings at night to only find out the film was never loaded correctly.

More tips for shooting film to come. I’m hooked and I want you to be, also.

Edit: I’m being required to blog for my online writing class at least once a week — so you can count on a weekly post!


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