Bad News, Good News

It has been a long week…


Bought new tennis shoes — navy Chuck Taylors. Because Converse shoes make my feet even longer and skinner than they already are, I bought a size a little too small.

Bad news: Size too small = biggest blister imaginable

Good news: To stretch out tight shoes, stuff them full of newspaper for a day or two. If this doesn’t work, buy a shoe stretcher.


Procrastination has been coming after me lately. My exam scores are reflecting it.

Bad news: Too much time wasted on computer = bad grades

Good news: I found a desktop timer for Macs from


The weather has been beautiful lately. I love driving with my windows down, sunroof open and music turned loud.

Bad news: Sunroof was left open for a few days, raining for the past day = soaked interior

Good news: Well… not much for me, because from what I’ve read, the smell and problems will only get worse.

But mop up all the sitting water. Dry the interior with a hair dryer and air out the floor mats. Sprinkle baking soda into the carpeting that smells musty. If this still doesn’t work, leave an odor absorber such as baking soda or a cup of charcoal in your car.


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