The City So Nice They Named It Twice

long wait for the E train
I’m missing the city already… planning for the next time I’m there.

Things I’ve done, will do again and recommend to you:

+ walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Walking toward Manhattan gives especially nice views of the Financial District. Be sure to take lots of pictures of its great design.

+ eat Pinkberry. The regular frozen yogurt has a taste you probably cannot compare to anything. I’ve heard the coffee and green tea flavors are good, as well. I will soon attempt to recreate this.

+ go to the Bronx Zoo. It’s a bit of a trip on the subway, but worth it for the mouse house and Madagascar exhibit. Avoid the wild dogs – they’re just gross. Free on Wednesdays!

+ wait in line for quite a while to get into a Central Park Summer Stage concert. I saw Stephen Lynch and Mike Birbiglia.

+ ride the original wooden escalators at Macy’s.

+ spend time outside of Manhattan. Brooklyn is my favorite.

+ drink an egg cream.

Things I wish I had done and will do when I’m back…

+ go to lots of art museums: Guggenheim, New Museum, MoMA. Modern and contemporary art is the best.

+ see a show at the McCarren Park Pool. They bring in great bands/artists.

+ eat at Carmine’s near Times Square. I’ve heard rave reviews for this family-style place. Reservations definitely needed.

+ wait in line for the free Upright Citizens Brigade show. Amy Poehler is a regular.

And while we’re on it, here are some Etsy cuties.

upper west side new york city tin etsy
upper west side tin from tompkins

brooklyn bridge necklace etsy pendant
brooklyn bridge necklace from greyandstory

metro map bowl etsy
metro map decorative bowl from picapicadesign


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